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Our Onfleet system will send you automated text alerts about your order with tracking information and direct anonymous communication with delivery drivers. We process payment cash on delivery or by Debit/Credit Card using  Linx, the first and only industry compliant gift card payment system. Place your order to have it delivered within 30-90 min in SF (30-120 min in surrounding delivery zones) or at a later scheduled time of your choosing...  Just follow Rosa the Rasta and your delivery will be on it's way in no time!

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What to Expect:
- Friendly and knowledgeable support staff to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.
- Professional and discreet dispensary delivery drivers who will not disturb your neighbors or roommates.
- Text updates with GPS tracking and anonymous direct communication with delivery drivers.
- We won't ring your doorbell unless you ask us to. We promise.
- No company advertising on our delivery bags. Our goal is to respect your privacy. Period.
- Re-useable, re-cycleable industry compliant, discreet, sealed, child-proof packaging.
- Industry compliant credit / debit card processing using Linx.
- New deals and products every week.

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Before Beauty. Comes Hard Work.

With some TLC, a green thumb and even more elbow grease, the outcome is always worth the wait....


Whether your after, some Purple Punch, Girl Scout Cookies, Forbidden Fruit or a little bit of everything. We have your Medical Cannabis needs.