Cannabis Infused Healing Salve 2 oz / 200 mg




Cannabis infused topical salve. Ingredients: Cannabis infused coconut oil. Beeswax.
2 oz / 200 mg THC. Infused with whole plant material.
Suggested use: Apply sparingly and gently rub into area to be treated. THC is a Schedule I Substance and has psychoactive effects.

– Moderate absorption
– Topical relief
– Joint aches
– Body pain
– Sore muscles
– Dry skin
– Daily wellness
– Nutty cannabis scent

Allergen warning: Contains Coconut. Contains less than .3% THC. Topical use only. Not a food item. Not to be used by minors. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not apply to open sores, scrapes or cuts.


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